Culinary Dublin Tour



Time: 10.30am
Location: Greenaer - Dalkey

The South Dublin tour takes you on a culinary Journey to the stunning coast line of Dalkey .

While there are many fantastic attractions in Dublin, travel from one sight to the next can prove to be troublesome.  With an e-bike, you have the freedom to hop about the city with ease, visiting each destination when you like, all without breaking a sweat.The Irish coast is a phenomenal natural beauty, one that becomes all the more striking when gliding by through the ocean air.  Take time to stop and absorb the most powerful scenes, and set up for a picnic at your favorite outlook. Wicklow’s mountain views are a huge pleasure as well, and the trek up into the rugged countryside is surprisingly easy with an e-bike’s motor assistance.  Explore the valleys and glens leading to the charming village of Glendalough, where dozens of historical gems wait to be discovered.

The trip includes:

  • A guided tour
  • Staiger Sinus e-Bike Rental
  • Lunch
  • Refreshments

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