Greenaer are Ireland’s award winning retailers of Urban Transport Solutions. Staiger Sinus electric bikes, Haibike, Momentum Electric, Kalkhoff, BH Emotion, Gocycle as well Cargo bikes, Dutch bikes & bike repairs.

Explore Dublin & Beyond

Ireland is without question a phenomenal land to explore, with countless natural beauties and hidden treasures to enjoy — however, all of these treasures can’t possibly be uncovered by means of conventional touring.  A truly deep and resonating encounter with Ireland is one that…

  • takes you off the beaten track
  • allows you to move at your own pace
  • and is facilitated by experienced locals.

We at Greenaer offer such an up-close rendezvous.

A locally owned and operated Dublin electric bike shop, Greenaer has a passion for electric bicycles, and for Ireland.  We look to share those passions by offering the chance to explore Dublin and its surrounding areas by electric bike.  E-Bikes make traveling from sight to sight a breeze: they allow you to stop and absorb the views where you like; make a quick detour for unexpected discoveries; and the motor assistance enables you to cover great distances without breaking a sweat.  This superior mode of transport is coupled with insider expertise, ensuring you not only find the best hidden sites, but that you have the routes between sites that are excellent for smooth, scenic bicycle travel.

Where will your e-bike take you..?


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